How Can Identity Guard Canada Help You?

6 November 2015

Identity Guard has already helped protect more than two million Canadians from the damaging effects of identity theft. With its mantra of “Monitor, Protect, Recover,” Identity Guard Canada can help you too.

With criminals working around the clock to steal information they can use to open accounts in your name, you deserve an identity protection service that works just as hard. If identity thieves get a hold of your information, they can:

  • Destroy your credit score
  • Impact your ability to get the best rates
  • Receive approvals for loans and credit cards
  • Take over your identity.

To keep your identity, and your peace of mind, secure, Identity Guard uses innovative technology to keep an eye on the ways your personal and financial information is used, across multiple channels. Even if you regularly review your credit reports and scores, Identity Guard’s daily credit monitoring services can notify you of certain activity on your account that may indicate fraud, giving you the best opportunity to respond before any lasting damage can be done. In addition to monitoring your credit file, Identity Guard Canada surveys the internet and public records databases to see how and where your information, such as your name and Social Insurance Number, is being used.

To help keep identity thieves from getting their hands on your information in the first place, Identity Guard offers a powerful suite of security software. From antivirus and anti-spyware software to password and keystroke encryption services, Identity Guard can help you keep your private data from prying eyes.

If your identity is ever compromised while you are a member, we will do everything we can to guide you through the recovery process. Our experts will provide one-on-one guidance, help you cancel your credit cards and advise you on how best to report the fraud to your lenders and local authorities. We understand fraud costs its victims more than just their identities, but their peace of mind as well— and we will fight to help you get it back.