Announcing Enhanced Identity Theft Protection Service

20 September 2015

As one of North America's leading providers of identity theft protection services, Identity Guard is launching enhancements to its comprehensive credit and identity theft protection service to help millions of Canadians better protect themselves from the growing threat of identity theft.

A unique new feature of the Identity Guard service—ID Verification Alerts—adds enhanced protection by alerting you within minutes of when new credit card, loan or utility application requests are made. The real time ID Verification Alerts will alert you of certain activity before it hits your credit report, enabling you to help protect against identity theft. The Identity Guard service also includes a Mobile App to allow members to stay up to date with "any time access" to your monitoring alerts, current credit score and other Identity Guard account benefits.

In 2014, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre reported there were more than 20,000 Canadian identity theft victims with a total reported dollar loss of more than $10 million.

Fraudsters are stealing and falsifying "breeder" documents—identity records such as social insurance numbers, birth or citizenship certificates—to sign up for new credit cards, apply for loans, access bank accounts, and receive government benefits, all of which may go undetected for long periods of time.

"The Canadian market has experienced an unrelenting trend of increased activity around identity theft," says Identity Guard Canada Vice President Sheila McCracken. "With the Identity Guard service, we are able to provide Canadians with the tools and resources they need to better protect themselves from becoming an identity theft victim and help them to recover if their information is compromised."

The Identity Guard service is built around an industry recommended three-step approach:

  • Monitor
  • Protect
  • Recover

By enrolling in the Identity Guard service, you won't have to monitor your information at each of the Canadian Credit bureaus separately as this all-in-one service will monitor your information at both credit bureaus on your behalf and promptly alert you when certain changes to your credit reports are detected.

You will also receive a quarterly report detailing changes in your credit score so you can stay on top of your credit rating. If your personal information is stolen while you are enrolled in the service, agents from our Consumer Fraud Resource Centre are available to guide you through the process of recovery and resolution.

Identity Guard service includes:

  • Real time ID verification monitoring and alerts
  • Mobile app for iPhones and Android smart phones
  • Credit monitoring at both credit bureaus
  • Prompt, up-to-date alerts when certain credit report changes are detected
  • Quarterly updates on their credit report and score
  • Unlimited toll-free customer service located in Canada
  • Access to Consumer Fraud Resource Centre
  • Option of either English or French fulfillment online

You can sign up for a 30 day free trial, after which, you only pay $17.99 per month (includes applicable taxes). Enroll Now!