Credit card fraud lab discovered in Windsor

12 March 2015

Four people were arrested in Windsor, Ontario, on Sunday, Jan. 11 after police received a call about fake credit cards being used at The Bay at Devonshire Mall. In the ensuing investigation, it was discovered that the four suspects had been running a fake credit card manufacturing operation out of a nearby hotel.

The suspects were caught by an employee purchasing gift cards at The Bay using fake credit cards, and one of the suspects gave a fake ID when he was being questioned, according to the police. All four are believed to have come from Montreal, renting a BMW in Toronto before driving to Windsor.

In the two rooms the suspects were renting at a Windsor hotel, police found devices used for manufacturing phony credit cards. All of the information that they used to create the cards appears to have been taken from American citizens. The BMW also reportedly contained several fraudulent credit cards and other “property obtained by crime”. The four suspects were apparently hiding out in the hotel to manufacture the cards, then making repeated trips to the nearby mall to buy gift cards, jewelry and watches with them.

The suspects ranged from 18 to 21 years old and were all from Montreal or the Montreal area. They were all charged with various numbers of counts of possession of stolen property, unauthorized use of credit card data, fraud under $5,000 and possessing a device for forging or falsifying credit cards. The 19-year-old man who gave police a false ID was also charged with personation to avoid arrest.

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