Four Arrested In Identity Theft Ring In Regina

22 January 2015

According to the CBC, four people originally from Alberta were arrested at an inner-city hotel in Regina on more than 100 charges, most related to identity theft. The list of charges indicates that the group was also involved with illegal weapons and drugs.

The crime ring was first discovered when a bank in downtown Regina reported that a man had tried to use false identification to withdraw money from a customer’s account. When the police responded to the bank, they took the suspect into custody, beginning an investigation that would lead them to three more alleged identity thieves hiding out in a local hotel room. The suspects are Marc Joseph Mills, 23, Cole Neal Symons, 30, Brad Waselenchuk, 35, and Chanelle Vandal-Lauman, 19 and the only female member of the group.

The group allegedly stole information from and attempted to impersonate at least 13 different people. When discovered, they were in possession of a staggering number of stolen and forged documents, including credit cards, driver’s licenses, social insurance numbers, stolen mail and even Indian status cards. Each member of the ring was charged with carrying a prohibited weapon, and Waselenchuk was also charged with possession of a Schedule II substance.

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