Montreal Canada Post Workers Held Up for Their Keys

14 April 2015

In a troubling series of incidents in northeast Montreal, Canada Post employees are reporting being attacked and having their keys stolen. The keys allow access to everything from mailboxes to certain buildings in the city, and would allow criminals access to the personal information they need to commit identity theft.

At least 12 postal workers have reported being held up for their keys since the beginning of the year in the Montreal-North, Anjou, Saint-Michel and Laval neighborhoods. One particularly unlucky worker was held up twice within a period of just a few days. In most of the cases, the workers are reporting that two suspects attacked them, armed with weapons ranging from a pair of scissors in one incident to a gun in another.

For now, no mail has been stolen yet, only the keys, and Canada Post representatives insist that they changed the relevant locks immediately as soon as these were reported stolen. However, according to Alain Duguay, a Canada Post workers union spokesman, similar attacks have happened in the past and were more serious than they appeared.

“We went through this three years ago and it was organized crime. We just hope the police find the thieves soon because it’s worrying our members,” Duguay told CJAD News.

These incidents come at a time when Montreal is roiling with debate over Canada Post’s plan to end door-to-door mail service and institute “superboxes”. Critics say they invite mail theft, citing recent cases of raids on the superboxes in the communities where they’ve already been implemented. In one recent case in Surrey, an entire superbox was lifted off its foundation and stolen with all the mail still inside.

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