Port Coquitlam Man Arrested for Second Time in “Sophisticated Fraud Ring”

14 April 2015

In September 2013, Port Coquitlam resident Alvin Abhai Chand was sentenced to a year in jail after pleading guilty to charges of running what was described in court as a “credit card factory”. Chand, 45, seems to have wasted no time getting back into his old industry after his release, as he was arrested again this February on very similar charges.

After Chand was released from jail, the Coquitlam RCMP observed that his home seemed to be at the center of a recent spike in crime in the area. After acquiring a warrant, officers searched the home, finding “an even bigger operation” than the one discovered in 2013, according to the Vancouver Sun. The array of credit-card-making equipment, stolen identification and mail, weapons and drugs found at the house covered 12 tables when displayed by the RCMP.

Cpl. Scott Grimmer with the Coquitlam RCMP’s prolific target team thinks Chand’s year in jail failed to teach him any sort of lesson.

“Based on what we seized from his residence, this time Mr. Chand was not afraid of the judicial system, in our opinion,” Grimmer told the Vancouver Sun.

According to the police, Chand was attracting criminals from all over the region by offering drugs in exchange for stolen mail. He then used the personal information contained in the stolen letters for identity theft, creating counterfeit credit cards in his victims’ names.

Also arrested in the case was Justin Michael Roach, 26, who had been seen coming and going from the home and was stopped while carrying a fake handgun, gloves, duct tape, knives, lock picks, keys and $1,200 in cash.

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