Thief Uses Stolen Driver’s Licence to Drain B.C. Woman’s Bank Account

7 April 2015

Heather Wallace Barnes of Port Moody, B.C., is incredulous after a thief managed to withdraw $17,000 from her TD Bank account using only her stolen driver’s licence. The money was all taken out within a five-day period, during which time a woman in possession of the driver’s licence visited eight different TD Bank locations and made 12 withdrawals from her account.

Barnes’ licence was stolen along with the rest of her wallet in October 2014, while she was on the job at Pinball Alley Vintage, a retail store in Port Moody. Barnes was busy in a different part of the store when, according to the store’s surveillance tapes, a man walked behind the counter, rifled through her bag and took her wallet.

Barnes says she did everything she was supposed to do in the immediate aftermath of the incident, cancelling all her credit and debit cards and notifying the bank of the theft. Nonetheless, a few months later, the unauthorized withdrawals began. Barnes says that at first she thought the woman had used her ID to get a new debit card and access her account, but when she talked to representatives from the bank, they surprised her by saying the thief had been able to withdraw the money using only her ID.

Understandably frustrated, Barnes told CTV Vancouver, “What’s the point in cancelling all your cards if they don’t even need your cards to go into a bank and steal $17,000? Anyone at TD could have seen the pattern was very irregular or suspicious.”

If you have recently had your wallet stolen, you are at an increased risk for identity theft. Signing up for a credit monitoring service will help you keep an eye on suspicious activity that may occur on your account.