Top 10 Security Apps

29 February 2016

With the amount of sensitive information stored on our phones and in our apps, our smartphones have become one of the greatest liabilities to our identity. Even still, very few people take proactive steps to secure the contents of their phones the way they would a desktop or laptop computer.

Here are 10 apps you can use to do everything from recover a lost phone to secure your mobile browsing sessions:

  • Find My iPhone/Android Device Manager: iPhones and Android devices alike include built-in functionality that helps users locate and secure their devices if lost. Apple’s Find My iPhone and Google’s Android Device Manager both give users the ability to pinpoint their phone’s last known location on a map, lock the device remotely or completely wipe it of all data. Those last two are especially crucial, because as much as we might hope to find our phones if they are lost, keeping our data safe in the event that we cannot track them down is even more important.
  • GadgetTrak: GadgetTrak takes location tracking a step further, periodically logging location data to assemble a map of your phone’s recent locations. Plus, the app can also activate the camera at preset intervals, enabling it to capture images of the thief’s face or surroundings. Law enforcement can then use this information to help track down your device.
  • SurfEasy VPN: We have written time and time again about the danger of browsing the web from an unsecured Wi-Fi network. SurfEasy VPN acts like a filter between you and the network, protecting your device’s safety even when connected to public hotspots.
  • Google Authenticator: This service activates two-step verification when logging into your Gmail or Google + apps from an iOS device. In addition to entering your standard password, you will also be prompted to enter a separate verification code for authentication. This method can keep identity thieves out of your accounts even if they have managed to get a hold of your password.
  • iVault: With functionality as simple as its name, iVault allows users to store specific photos and videos to a “safe” that requires a dedicated passcode to access. Once inside the first wall of authentication, users can create even more specific folders requiring additional passcodes for access.
  • Norton Identity Safe: Identity Safe brings the trusted Norton name to smartphones in an easy-to-use yet powerful password manager. The app saves all of the passwords from your favorite sites and apps and syncs them across all of your iOS devices so you’ll never be tempted to write down or reuse one of your passwords again.
  • Webroot SecureWeb: This secure web browser runs websites through its proprietary URL reputation database to help keep you from stumbling across any malicious or phishing sites. The database is kept up to date and regularly syncs with the browser to offer real-time protection.
  • HotSpot Shield VPN: If you’re constantly on the go, you might be in the habit of using your phone as a mobile hotspot to share an internet connection with your laptop or other devices. HotSpot Shield VPN aims to protect this connection, blocking malicious websites, providing safe browsing and combating known hacking and snooping methods.
  • Lookout: Lookout blends the anti-theft technology of Find My iPhone and Android Device Manager with the browsing security of apps like Webroot SecureWeb and SurfEasy VPN. From sending messages to a lost phone to blocking malware while surfing the web, Lookout has your back.
  • Wickr: To protect any sensitive information you may have shared via text message, Wickr provides a secure messaging service in which non-traceable text messages can be self-destructed by the sender.

As proactive as we may be, there is unfortunately no way to completely eliminate our risk of identity theft. That’s where an identity theft protection service like Identity Guard can help. By monitoring your credit file, Social Insurance Number and public records, it can notify you of certain activity that may indicate you have been targeted by identity thieves.