Refund Policy

How Our Cancellation and Refund Policy Works

Customers initially enroll in the Identity Guard® service through monthly subscriptions. Some enrollments may also include free trials. Our refund policy varies depending on the type of offer for which you originally signed up.

Free Trials

Question: How does the cancellation and refund policy work if I cancel during my free trial period?

If you cancel your service during your free trial period, you will never be billed. Since customers are not billed until after the trial period, customers who cancel during a trial period are not entitled to a refund.

Monthly Subscriptions

I enrolled in a monthly subscription and I would like to cancel. When can I cancel and will I receive a refund?

Customers who are enrolled in a paid monthly subscription may cancel their service at any time. No matter when you cancel your monthly subscription, if you have been successfully billed, you will receive a refund of the unused portion of that month’s membership fee. For instance, if you cancel your monthly subscription with fifteen (15) days remaining, we will refund you the fee for those remaining fifteen (15) days. If the refund amount is less than $1.00, we will round up the refund to $1.00.

Cancellation Procedures

Question: I am currently enrolled and would like to cancel. How do I cancel?

You may cancel online within your member area by visiting the “Manage Your Account” page, or by calling us at 1-800-297-5094. One of our Customer Service associates will be happy to assist you.

Question: When will I receive my refund?

Your refund will be credited within one (1) billing cycle.