Do You Know the Difference Between a Fraud Alert and a Credit Freeze?

21 January 2016

Some identity theft victims find out after noticing certain activity on their credit reports. Others get a letter in the mail informing them their personal data may have been leaked in a corporate data breach. Still others don’t know until their credit card is denied at a cash machine. No matter how they learn their Read More…

Credit Alerts — Giving You the Jump on ID Thieves

29 October 2015

Just about every internet service we use houses some amount of our personal data. Names, birthdays, addresses, emails, credit card numbers and passwords, are all pieces of personal information we have entered into social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, online bank accounts and mobile payment apps. While storing this information on the Web has Read More…

Don’t fall for this new early morning credit card fraud scheme

6 April 2015

According to the federal Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC), a new variation on the old practice of phishing by telephone is cropping up across Canada. Most consumers are aware of the dangers of phishing and would never deliberately give away their credit card information to an unknown caller — that is, as long as they were Read More…

Credit card fraud lab discovered in Windsor

12 March 2015

Four people were arrested in Windsor, Ontario, on Sunday, Jan. 11 after police received a call about fake credit cards being used at The Bay at Devonshire Mall. In the ensuing investigation, it was discovered that the four suspects had been running a fake credit card manufacturing operation out of a nearby hotel. The suspects Read More…

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