How Secure Is Your Contactless Payment Card?

18 December 2015

Over the past year, contactless payment cards have transitioned from a novelty to a necessity for many Canadians. The cards, which allow consumers to forgo inserting their card or even typing their PIN for small purchases, have been available for nearly a decade, but this year their use has heated up dramatically. According to Moneris Read More…

Your Credit Report and Identity Theft

1 July 2015

Many people don’t realize that the financial, regulatory, tax, insurance, real estate, retail and education systems are all highly interconnected. Simply engaging in any of these systems — which is inevitable — involves providing some sort of personally identifying information. Once that information is out there, there is a chance your identity could be stolen. Read More…

What Is Credit Fraud?

27 October 2014

Credit fraud is when a credit card, bank account, loan, or other type of credit account is used to buy goods or services with the intention of avoiding payment. There are a variety of ways credit fraud is committed but typically it starts when thieves gain access to your personal information such as a credit Read More…