Should You Review Your Credit Report From Both Bureaus at Once?

11 January 2016

In Canada, two credit bureaus, TransUnion and Equifax, keep track of borrowing information for every consumer who has ever applied for a loan, whether as small as a retail charge card or as large as a mortgage. Aggregated and assembled into organized credit reports, lenders use this data to determine consumers’ creditworthiness, helping them determine Read More…

What Makes Up Your Credit Scores in Canada?

29 October 2015

Before approving a loan application or a request to open a new line of credit, lenders check a borrower’s credit score. The score serves as a snapshot of a consumer’s borrowing history, giving lenders a sense of how responsible an applicant might be with his or her debt before determining what loan terms to offer. Read More…

Learning About Your Credit Score in Canada

29 October 2015

If your future plans include applying for a mortgage, taking out a car loan or even simply opening up a new credit card account, they also include having a healthy credit score. Your credit score acts as a snapshot of your credit history, educating lenders’ decisions when determining the terms of your future loans. Having Read More…

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