What Do Employers See When They Check Your Credit Report?

10 April 2016

When Canadians apply for a new job, most expect they will be interviewed, someone will contact their references and even that they will be subject to a criminal background check. What far fewer anticipate, however, is that many employers will also check applicants’ credit reports before bringing them on board. Although many job seekers may Read More…

How Identity Theft Can Affect Your Financial Stability

29 February 2016

When an identity thief is able to successfully assume your identity, not only can it wreak havoc on your life, but it can also do significant damage to your financial stability. With unauthorized access to your accounts, identity thieves often open new lines of credit in your name, racking up substantial debt that they neglect Read More…

Should You Review Your Credit Report From Both Bureaus at Once?

11 January 2016

In Canada, two credit bureaus, TransUnion and Equifax, keep track of borrowing information for every consumer who has ever applied for a loan, whether as small as a retail charge card or as large as a mortgage. Aggregated and assembled into organized credit reports, lenders use this data to determine consumers’ creditworthiness, helping them determine Read More…

Give Thanks For Your Identity

16 November 2015

This Thanksgiving, countless families will crowd around tables covered in steaming platters and reflect on what they are thankful for. Traditionally, the target of this practice has been expressing gratitude for a year’s bountiful harvest. Over time, as families have become less dependent on their own farm for sustenance, we have taken to giving thanks Read More…

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