What Do Employers See When They Check Your Credit Report?

10 April 2016

When Canadians apply for a new job, most expect they will be interviewed, someone will contact their references and even that they will be subject to a criminal background check. What far fewer anticipate, however, is that many employers will also check applicants’ credit reports before bringing them on board. Although many job seekers may Read More…

How Identity Theft Can Affect Your Financial Stability

29 February 2016

When an identity thief is able to successfully assume your identity, not only can it wreak havoc on your life, but it can also do significant damage to your financial stability. With unauthorized access to your accounts, identity thieves often open new lines of credit in your name, racking up substantial debt that they neglect Read More…

Learning About Your Credit Score in Canada

29 October 2015

If your future plans include applying for a mortgage, taking out a car loan or even simply opening up a new credit card account, they also include having a healthy credit score. Your credit score acts as a snapshot of your credit history, educating lenders’ decisions when determining the terms of your future loans. Having Read More…

4 Common Behaviours That Can Knock Your Credit Rating in Canada

29 October 2015

In Canada, your ability to borrow money at an affordable rate depends on the health of your credit. Lenders who see a high credit score are more likely to trust borrowers with the loan they need to finance their dream home or car. To keep your credit rating strong, knowledge and discipline are paramount. Here Read More…

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