Toronto Hospital Privacy Breach: A Year Later

24 April 2016

Last spring, nearly 14,000 expecting mothers at a Toronto hospital left as more than new parents – they left as victims of Canada’s latest privacy breach. In the weeks that followed, the story emerged: A nurse in Rouge Valley Hospital’s maternity department was among five people charged for their roles in stealing the new moms’ Read More…

3 Scams Fraudsters Return to Again and Again

1 February 2016

As time goes on, technological innovation and societal shifts require identity thieves to come up with new strategies with which to reach their targets. However, despite this consistent change, there are some types of fraud that prove successful time and time again. While scammers may revise their scripts with each iteration, these three fraud schemes Read More…

Do You Know the Difference Between Malware and Spyware?

18 December 2015

What do shopping for groceries, sending cash to your friend, managing your bank accounts and paying bills have in common? You can accomplish all of them easier now than ever with just a few clicks or taps and an internet connection. This convenience has led the world to sign up for banking and ecommerce accounts Read More…

New “Scam Tracker” Tool Helps Consumers Stay on the Lookout for Fraud

24 November 2015

To help stymie the spread of online scams and improve fraud protection for consumers, the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) free online resource that allows its users to track and report malicious activity and fraud on the internet is now available in Canada. Initially released in the U.S. this past February, the “Scam Tracker” is now Read More…

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