Do You Know the Difference Between Malware and Spyware?

18 December 2015

What do shopping for groceries, sending cash to your friend, managing your bank accounts and paying bills have in common? You can accomplish all of them easier now than ever with just a few clicks or taps and an internet connection. This convenience has led the world to sign up for banking and ecommerce accounts Read More…

Fraudsters Use Nunavut Senator’s Identity for Fake Facebook Page

3 July 2015

Apparently, no one is safe from Facebook fraudsters, not even prominent public officials. In an incident that local police are calling highly unusual, scammers with knowledge of Canadian politics have created a fake Facebook profile claiming to be Nunavut senator Dennis Patterson. The account was used to contact constituents, asking for personal information in order Read More…

World’s Largest English-Language Malware Marketplace Shuts Down

16 June 2015

As we have discussed before on this blog, identity theft and credit fraud aren’t just committed by individuals looking to make a quick buck. Much of the theft of personal information is planned and organized by major crime rings who collect, sell and trade that information online. Now, U.S. federal agents have announced they have Read More…

Smart Cars May Leave Drivers’ Information Vulnerable

14 June 2015

It’s bad enough to have your car stolen under normal circumstances, but when smart cars are involved, the risks get a whole lot more complicated. Not only do you have to worry about the car itself and whatever was in it at the time it was stolen, you also have to consider the risk of Read More…

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