Data Security in a Growing ‘Internet of Things’

17 April 2016

You lock your doors, set your alarm, shred unnecessary papers with personal information on them, but did you know that your connected devices could make all your preparations useless? Last year, owners of Samsung Smart TVs found themselves faced with a worrisome reality nestled deep within their televisions’ privacy policy. In the section discussing the Read More…

How to Prevent Phone Companies From Selling Your Browsing Data

18 December 2015

Sometimes it seems like magic. You spend two minutes on your smartphone browsing for new furniture online, and suddenly you’re seeing home decor ads inside every app and on every web page. It’s almost like advertisers know what you’ve been doing on your phone. That is infact exactly the case. But it’s certainly not magic. Read More…

Canadians Increasingly Concerned, Cautious About Privacy, Identity Theft

14 April 2015

According to the 2014 Survey of Canadians on Privacy, conducted by Phoenix Strategic Perspectives Inc. for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Canadians are more concerned than ever about the privacy of their information. Highly reported retail sales data breaches throughout last year seem to have taken their toll on Canadians’ confidence in Read More…