Credit Repair Companies vs Credit Monitoring Companies: Spotting a Scam

20 March 2016

One of the most tangible effects of identity theft is the damage it can do to its victims’ credit ratings. With fraudsters applying for new lines of credit, driving up debt-to-income ratios and making purchases they never intend to pay for, unsuspecting victims can be left with a rock bottom credit score and reckless credit Read More…

It’s Fraud Prevention Month in Canada!

14 March 2016

March in Canada is Fraud Prevention Month! Since 2004, the Competition Bureau has spearheaded a month-long campaign by public, private and nonprofit groups to remind Canadians not only how to protect themselves from the omnipresent threat of fraud and scams, but also of the resources that are available to them if they become a victim Read More…

ID Theft Protection Tips for Online Dating

8 February 2016

Countless Canadians have used online dating services to meet their future partners. Unfortunately, identity thieves have also taken to using the platforms to connect with their next targets. Fraudsters often try to play to their victims’ emotions to build a level of trust before requesting personal data or cash, be it by soliciting donations for Read More…

3 Scams Fraudsters Return to Again and Again

1 February 2016

As time goes on, technological innovation and societal shifts require identity thieves to come up with new strategies with which to reach their targets. However, despite this consistent change, there are some types of fraud that prove successful time and time again. While scammers may revise their scripts with each iteration, these three fraud schemes Read More…

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