Don’t Fall For These Two Recent Phone Scams

6 July 2015

Over the past few weeks, both the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Calgary police have had to issue warnings to the public about phone scams in which scammers have posed as Canadian government officials. The first scam was a variation on the classic Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) phone scam, wherein fraudsters pose as CRA Read More…

Fraudsters Use Nunavut Senator’s Identity for Fake Facebook Page

3 July 2015

Apparently, no one is safe from Facebook fraudsters, not even prominent public officials. In an incident that local police are calling highly unusual, scammers with knowledge of Canadian politics have created a fake Facebook profile claiming to be Nunavut senator Dennis Patterson. The account was used to contact constituents, asking for personal information in order Read More…

Nova Scotia Man Warns of Work-From-Home Employment Scam

29 June 2015

Jonas Cosh had been looking for work for several years, posting his resume on employment websites in hopes that a recruiter would find it. Therefore, he wasn’t very surprised when he was contacted by a representative from a company specializing in student exchange trips who claimed to have found his resume online. What did surprise Read More…

Phishing Statistics ‘Staggering’, Professor Says

26 June 2015

The success of phishing attacks, or fraudulent emails that appear to be from a legitimate company and contain malware or requests for personal information, relies on recipients’ lack of understanding of the risks associated with phishing. Due to increasing awareness of these risks, only a small percentage of the people who receive phishing emails actually Read More…

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