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Identity theft affects millions of people every year — but there are a number of things you can do to help ensure it won’t happen to you. Start by becoming an Identity Guard® member.

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10 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Protect Your Identity

  1. Shred your bills, receipts and financial statements.
  2. Review your bank statements and your annual credit report for abnormal activity or changes.
  3. Store your social insurance number and important documents (e.g., your passport) in a secure location.
  4. Create strong passwords that use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols, and avoid using the same password and username for multiple accounts.
  5. Fill out a Change of Address form at the post office before you move.
  6. Always log out of websites you shop or bank on.
  7. Secure your belongings and keep track of your luggage while traveling.
  8. Erase financial programs and stored information from your computer's hard drive and your old cell phone before you dispose of them.
  9. Never share your personal information online or at a physical place of business without questioning why the information is needed or what it will be used for.
  10. Even if you take these measures, your identity may still be vulnerable. Using an identity theft protection service can offer you a higher level of protection.

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